The 1849 the trustees of the Toronto Hebrew Congregation purchased a one acre parcel of land near Pape Avenue to become the first Jewish Cemetery in Canada west of Montreal.   This orthodox congregation consisisted of 17 persons and eventually grew to what is now the Holy Blossom Congregation (reform).  


In the 1880`s the Jones Aveneue Cemetery was founded by the Goel Tzedec Congregation and in 1906 the Tarauley Street and Chestnut Street Synaagogues.

As Jewish Immigration increased the third Jewish Cemetery in Toronto was purchased, and the first burial in 1898.   The name Dawes Road Cemetery originates with the name of the road that was traversed between Danforth Avenue, and the Cemetery.   The Cemetery location, about 1km east of Dawes Road as it crossed a dirt farm road, not yet named Saint Clair Avenue East.

While there is not very much information specific to the the early history of the Dawes Road Cemetery, there are some resources to learn about the organizations that are participants in our Amalgamation.

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